How to throw a successful Company Holiday Party in Aurora, IL

When the boss asks you to look for a place for the company party, does a banquet hall come to mind?  For some people, they choose a bar, a comedy club, or even just a restaurant.  When you are put to the task of finding a location for your holiday party, contact Gaslite Manor Banquets.

We have plenty of food and drink options to suit every budget, and every company.  But most importantly, we have space.  And lots of it.  We have plenty of space for you to create a casino night, an 80’s themed party, a Oscar themed party.  You can even set up a bags tournament in your space to keep all the employees and spouses happy.  Want to bring in TV’s for a big game?  We can accommodate that.  Want to have a karaoke contest at your party?  We have the companies that can help facilitate that.

Most importantly, you need to talk to our banquet coordinators, and let them know what you want to do.  We have access to so much, and our knowledge and expertise will help you plan the best company party ever.

Call us today, or click the contact us button, and let’s start planning an epic event!

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